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Nu-Calgon markets and distributes a complete line of specialty chemical products for the air conditioning, refrigeration aftermarket as well as the plumbing, heating and food service/restaurant supply markets.
EasySeal® Direct Inject
  • EasySeal Direct Inject treats 1.5 to 5 ton systems
  • Installs in seconds
  • No need to pump down R-410A units
  • Perfect for split systems, heat pumps, microchannel coils, packaged units, and mini splits.
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Nu-BriteĀ® Coil Cleaner Nu-Brite® Coil Cleaner
  • High foaming, non-acid condenser cleaner and brightener
  • Great on grease, grime and dirt on condenser coils
  • Biodegradable 1 Gallon
  • NSF
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Rx11-Flush® Refill
  • For new system cleaning, retrofits, burn-outs, and R410A conversions Pre-pressurized solvent canisters 1 Lb canister flushes 3 to 4 ton systems

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Gas Leak Detector Cal-Blue Plus Gas Leak Detector Cal-Blue Plus
  • High viscosity formula enables it to remain in contact with the applied surface for an extended period of time
  • Non-corrosive to metal
  • Maintains the integrity of piping, tubing and fittings
  • Does not effect Ultraviolet or "black lights"
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