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The nation’s leading HVACR website has some exciting features:

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Faster Searches

Now search is more dynamic, and the way you find products is greatly improved. From industry-leading auto-fill functionality to customized landing pages, Johnstone Supply aims to be your source for HVACR products. Start browsing today and let us know what you think! We're pretty sure you’re going to love our hover-over category browse, the left sidebar guided navigation that allows you to quickly dive deeper into your results by selecting brands and different attributes of our products, and the ability to search within certain categories. Give it a go—there’s a lot to love!

More Information

Johnstone is the leader in the HVACR industry and we have more data and more information than any wholesale distributor in our class. Take a look at our product catalog and see for yourself. On our online product detail screens you’ll find information for over 75,000 items that includes such things as brand, manufacturer part number, country of origin, up to 500 unique product attributes, SDS sheets and more.

Easier Shopping

By making it easier to find products and view enhanced product information, shopping becomes a lot easier! Enjoy the comfort of finding the right product and verifying the important information from any device on When you’re ready to checkout, we integrate your shopping experience directly into the storefront you want to shop! Enjoy real-time pricing and availability* calls, directly to your preferred Johnstone Supply store. No more wondering what your price is or if the item is available; we show you in real-time!

*Real-time pricing and availability are available at over 370 Johnstone locations. Check with your store to see if they are participating.

Other Great Features and Benefits of the Website
My Account  Features

Product Lists – Save your favorite products to a list for quick viewing or ordering at a later time. Re-order these lists, share them with other employees at your company and much more. Register today to start using this feature!

Order History – Access all of your order history at your Johnstone Supply’s store online. Did you place the order by phone? It will be visible online. If you stopped by a store and picked up an order, it will be there. Did you place your order online?  It’s there. All of your orders, regardless of how they were placed, are visible online. Search through your orders by purchase order or date to quickly see and/or re-order a past order with Johnstone Supply.

And don’t forget, real-time pricing and availability* are also available online!
Search Features

Industry-Leading Product Categorization – We know the HVACR industry here at Johnstone Supply, and the first place you’ll see that is in our product categorization. Over 60 years of experience in the HVACR industry has provided us a unique opportunity to share with you a diverse and robust product browse. Hover your mouse over one of our nine high-level categories and you’ll be able to quickly access the next two levels, too. Want to see Programmable Thermostats?  You’re one click away from taking our online catalog from 75,000 products down to 200. One click—it’s that easy.

Search within our categories – If you start browsing through our catalog and want to quickly search just within that category, no problem. Click on a category and you’ll see that our search box changes. You can now search just within the category you are browsing, limiting the number of products and saving yourself time.

Don’t forget our guided navigation while searching or browsing! Quickly dive into your results by brand, attributes or sub-categories. Plus, we’ve loaded over 40,000 different terms in our auto-fill search functionality to speed up your searching by completing the keywords you’re typing!

More Content

Product content – We’re always striving to give you more product content. From product attributes to images to data sheets, we will constantly be adding content to our website. Check back often to see what’s new, or let us know if you’d like to see certain information!

Resources – Access our Resource Center to view industry tools such as a super heat calculator, pressure temperature chart, duct-sizer and more. Check out the complete list at Johnstone’s Resource Center.

Vendor and Product pages – In our quest to provide you with more information sometimes a product line, vendor or promotion needs its own page to help communicate better. You’ll have access to all of these informative pages right here at See the homepage for a rotating banner, or select from the footer at the bottom of the page to access vendor promotions or other specials.

Online Catalog – Not comfortable with browsing a website yet?  No problem – we also have our catalog available to you online. Browse our industry leading HVACR list price catalog page by page, just as though you’re behind your desk or at a jobsite. If you want more product detail, all of our SKUs are linked back to the product detail page online for more robust information.