In-Duct UV Air Purifiers

Description: Residential UV Purifier Up To 1,700 Sq. Ft.;

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  • For residential and light commercial applications
  • Turbulator slows, twists and mixes contaminated air around a proprietary UV "J" lamp, increasing the time contaminants are exposed to UV light and maximizing amount of bacteria killed
  • 19mm UVC/UVV quartz germicidal lamp
  • Aluminum reflecting tube contains and reflects the UV energy back onto the air L80-892 has smart voltage ballast that automatically switches from 110 to 240V and a 3" LCD screen that displays real-time system status L81-287 is 110/240V with a multi-color LED status display and microprocessor controlled Thermistor for automatic operation
  • CSA/NRTL certified

Description: Residential UV Purifier Up To 1,700 Sq. Ft.;

Product Specifications

DescriptionResidential UV Purifier Up To 1,700 Sq. Ft.
Shipping Weight8.00
Shipping Width11.00
Shipping Length14.00
Shipping Height13.00

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Mfg. #: R1700-GX