Thermistor - .375 Clip Red

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  • For use with Goodman & Amana equipment

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DRYC073B(25,35), DRY093B(25,35), DRY094B(25,35), DRY123B(25,35), DRY124B(25,35), P12488(53,54,66,67,68,69)R, P12502(03,04,13,24 to 32,34 to 69)R, P12505(01 to13, 15 to 28)R, P12508(01 to 07)R, P12524(01 to 04)R, P12546(01 to 05)R, P12553(01 to 60)R, P12553(65 to 94)R, P12608(33 to 36)R, P12556(41 to 44)R, P12556(32 to 39)R, P12556(47 to70)R, P12558(01 to 05)R, P12558(09 to 13)R, P12559(01 to 32)R, P12608(01 to 30)R, P12608(38 to52)R, P12608(57 to 60)R, P1260901RP12609(03 to 12)R, P12610(01 to 09)R, PTC073B(00,15,25,35), PTC073D(00,15,25,35), PTC074B(25,35), PTC092B, PTC093B(D), PTC094B(25,35,50), PTC094D(00,25,35), PTC105B(00,30), PTC122B00, PTC123B(00,15,25,35,50), PTC123D(00,15,25,35,50), PTC124B(00,15,25,35,50) PTC125B00(CG,FP,FPBM), PTC154D(00,25,35,50), PTC125B30(AG,AM,CM,CMBM), PTC133D35(AR,ARDA), PTC153B(00,15,25,35,50), PTC153D(00,15,25,35,50), PTC154B(00,25,35,50)

Product Specifications

Shipping Weight0.15
Shipping Width3.30
Shipping Length7.00
Shipping Height0.60

Compliance & Notes

See catalog page 624 for additional notes and/or restrictions.

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Mfg. #: 0130P00084