Ownership Opportunities

Johnstone Supply is a cooperative, which means each store is individually owned and operated. Because of our commitment to growth and high levels of customer service, membership qualifications are rigorous.

What are we looking for in new Johnstone Supply Members?

Our primary interest is in existing HVACR parts and supplies distributors. If your product offering closely mirrors that in the Johnstone catalog, you are in a market where there is not presently a Johnstone, and you have a proven record of success, the Johnstone Supply Cooperative can provide you with the tools to make your business even more profitable.

I don't currently own a distribution business, but have worked in the industry for a number of years. Is Membership open to start-up business?

Our primary growth comes from existing wholesalers converting to Johnstone, and existing owners who wish to expand. Typically, Johnstone Supply has not attempted to start new operations without a local pre-established HVACR customer base. However if you have five years' experience in the HVACR wholesale distribution business, are well known in the HVACR community, and have strong financials there may be an opportunity to become a Member and open a Johnstone Supply store.

I don't fit the above criteria, but have been in a related field. Are there other options open?

The cost of opening a new HVACR distribution business has risen dramatically over the years, and vastly increased competition has driven profit margins down. Presently, the traditional return on investment for a start-up business in this industry is not acceptable. Unless the business can start with a significant customer base, it is not profitable for a new Member or for the Johnstone Supply Cooperative.

How much does it cost to become a Member?

As each situation is different, it is difficult to predict costs. If you own an existing HVACR distribution business, please contact us for more information.

What markets are available?

As the Cooperative has grown, fewer markets capable of supporting a new Member are available. As a general guideline, we are interested in locations with a population base of at least 200,000 people within a 30-minute radius of the proposed location without overlapping an existing Johnstone store's market area.

I meet the above criteria, how do I get more information?

For more information, contact:

Mark Askew, Membership Director
11632 N.E. Ainsworth Circle, Portland OR 97220
(PO Box 3010, Portland OR 97208-3010)
Phone: 503-419-9079
Fax: 503-261-8863