Johnstone Toolkit Johnstone Toolkit

Johnstone Supply, Inc. has launched a customized mobile app called the Johnstone Toolkit!

Developed for Apple and Android devices, the Johnstone Toolkit app allows users to perform a number of HVAC-related functions, including:

Duct Sizer: This module allows you to quickly size one HVAC duct run or a range of duct sizes.

PT Chart: This module is an electronic pressure-temperature (PT) lookup chart that allows you to specify the exact refrigerant temperature/pressure value and view the corresponding pressure/temperature result. It also displays a complete list of pressure/temperature values in one-degree increments for over 70 different refrigerants. You can adjust the elevation so proper gauge pressures are displayed.

Capillary Tube Calculator: This module allows you to perform capillary tube sizing lookup based upon HP, condenser cooled type and refrigerant type inputs.

Store Locator: This module allows you to find the closest Johnstone Supply store to where you are currently located. You can also type in a zip code to find all Johnstone Supply stores within a certain radius.

AC/Gas Furnace Efficiency Savings Calculator: This module allows you to quickly calculate the energy savings for installing a new AC unit or furnace based upon selecting the old/new unit efficiency information and the weather region.

The Johnstone Toolkit app can be downloaded for free through Apple iTunes and Google Play.

If you have questions about the existing app, or suggestions for future inclusions, please contact the Johnstone eCommerce team.

Johnstone Toolkit