X13 Motors, or ECM Constant Torque Motors, were previously only available through OEM.

Until now.

We’ve just become your full-service OEM motor replacement solution.

Two leading HVAC motor brands have developed an aftermarket replacement solution for the OEM specific X13 motor:

US Motors Rescue Select® X13® ECM motor
US Motors Rescue Select® X13® ECM motor
The new ECM motor engineered to replace the X13 or SelecTech® OEM motors. Programmed for you right at the Johnstone Supply counter.

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Genteq Evergreen EM X13® ECM motor
Genteq Evergreen EM X13® ECM motor
Highly reliable. Highly efficient. And now, highly available. Genteq’s Evergreen EM is designed to replace OEM ECM X13 motors or equivalent competitor models quickly and easily without complicated programming.

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Why X13 technology?

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Three Blower Motors are typically found in Furnaces, Air Handlers and Packaged Units:

PSC Motors

The PSC is probably the most common motor found in direct drive blower applications in the HVAC industry. PSC motors have a minimal speed range and no programmable features, limiting their ability to adjust to static pressure. With a PSC motor, as static pressure in the system increases the airflow decreases. Though the PSC is one of the most flexible motors, it is also the least quiet and least efficient compared to X13, ECM 2.3 and ECM 3.0 motors.

  • It is expected that the majority of OEM-installed PSC motors will be replaced by standard ECM in the next 5 to 7 years, as pressure for efficiency and comfort improvements continues.

ECM Variable Speed Motors (Constant Airflow)

ECM 2.3, ECM 3.0, 16X4W and Perfect Speed motors offers climate-specific operating profiles, self-adjusting constant airflow, a fully variable speed range and digital communication. These motors are programmed to maintain a set amount of airflow by adjusting its speed based on static pressure changes in the system monitoring torque, rotor speed and power.

  • Currently this technology can only be purchased from the OEM.

ECM Constant Torque Motors were previously only available through OEM until now.

X13 and Selectech® motors have only five speed commands and are programmed based only on torque. The X13 technology was created by Regal Beloit® in response to a January 2006 Federal regulation requiring equipment manufacturers to meet a 13-SEER minimum rating. At the same time, US Motors® launched a constant torque EC motor under the Selectech® brand.

The X13 adjusts its speed (High, Medium High, Medium, Medium Low, Low) based on changes to static pressure by only monitoring changes in torque. This ’standard ECM’ motor is much more efficient than PSC motors, but less efficient when compared to ECM variable speed motors.

How to identify an X13 ECM Constant Torque Motor

How to identify an X13® ECM Constant Torque Motor

  X13 ECM 2.3 ECM 3.0
Constant CFM  
Constant Torque
Constant Speed
Control Method (2-5) programmable Speed Taps Non-communicating 16 Pin 24V Analog & PWM 2-Way Serial Communication & PWM

  • The X13 has a different body in comparison to ECM 2.3 and ECM 3.0, which is typically referred to as a "one piece" because controls are internal
  • Primarily 208-230V
  • Increasing 115V install base
  • X13 motors have a unique connector with five programmable speed/torque taps
  • X13® motors have a unique connector with five programmable speed/torque taps
  • "X13" is typically found on motor nameplate
  • ’X13’ is typically found on motor nameplate
  • ✔  For Genteq® X13; OEM ECM motors the first nine characters of the model number could also be used as an additional reference

    Note: The voltage will still need to be identified if you are looking to replace a OEM X13 motor with an aftermarket motor


    OEM Model Number









    *The last four characters can be any combination of alpha and numerical values

  • It is also found on the end bracket of the motor opposite shaft end
  • ’X13’ is also found on the end bracket of the motor opposite shaft end