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In more than 10 million buildings worldwide, Honeywell products, components and systems deliver temperature control, comfort, energy conservation and safety.

Variable Frequency Drives
Time Savings. Energy Savings.

They're at the Core of VFD CORE. Think of the time you'll save per job if you had a variable frequency drive (VFD) that covers nearly all of your commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, is a breeze to install, takes minutes to program, and is backed by Honeywell dependability. You'd increase your profitability, and your customers would enjoy a lower installed cost and years of energy savings. Get it all with VFD CORE.

Economizer Controller
JADE Economizer

The JADE economizer doesn't heat or cool anything. It simply brings in outdoor air to naturally lower a building's interior temperature. You don't need a certified programmer or installer to set up and operate the JADE economizer. JADE is designed to work seamlessly with existing and future roof top systems. The LCD screen delivers continuous messages, important diagnostics and system status.

Direct Coupled Actuators
Zelix Actuator

The new Honeywell Zelix Spring-Return Low-Torque direct-coupled actuator is light and compact, yet delivers torque at 44 lb-in - 25% more than competitive models. Because they deliver more torque than competitive models, you'll be able to put an end to extra money spent on unneeded power just to get an actuator to work with larger dampers - get the power without the waste.

Remote Monitoring
RedLINK Internet Gateway

Honeywell's RedLINK Internet Gateway and Total Connect Comfort Services gives users access to remotely monitor and manage the heating and cooling of multiple buildings or zones – at anytime, from anywhere – through a PC, smart phone or tablet device. Total Connect is supported by RedLINK wireless technology from Honeywell.

Commercial Thermostat
Prestige® IAQ

Designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial applications, the Prestige IAQ is building code compliant with commercial language, 365-day scheduling, economizer control and adjustable ramp rates.

Electronic Temperature Sensors and Humidity Sensors
Creates better comfort and a healthier environment for commercial spaces while providing better control and additional energy savings.

Temperature, Enthalpy and CO2 Sensors
Available for all applications to include CO2, static pressure, temperature, humidity.