Thermostatic Mixing Valve A.S.S.E. 1016 Listed

Body Type: Brass; Conn. Size: 3/4" Union Thread; Model #: MMV-UT M1 3/4;

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  • Designed for mixing hot and cold water to supply sinks, baths, showers or lavatories with tempered water
  • Thermostat controls both hot and cold water
  • Can be used in any point-of-use installation requiring preset water temperatures
  • A.S.S.E. 1016 listing is for individual showers, baths, or a combination of both
  • Solid wax hydraulic principle thermostat
  • Locking adjustment cap
  • Product is not approved for potable water usage based on overall lead content

Body Type: Brass; Conn. Size: 3/4" Union Thread; Model #: MMV-UT M1 3/4;

Product Specifications

Body TypeBrass
Conn. Size3/4" Union Thread
Model #MMV-UT M1 3/4
Shipping Weight2.65
Shipping Width4.70
Shipping Length6.30
Shipping Height2.80

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Harmonize Code8481.90.9090

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Mfg. #: 0206004