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Save time and money with universal solutions for multiple needs.

RESCUE® Motors

  • Replaces hundreds of other discrete horsepower motors
  • For air handler or furnace applications 1/2 to to 1/6 HP in 1075 RPM, 115V
  • Extended mounting studs,resilient rings and exclusive Rheem® and Ruud® side shell holes

Griptwist Adjustable Belt

  • Adjustable to any length, standard size of A/4L in a 5' coil
  • Replaces standard and fractional horsepower V-belts
  • Superior design with less stretch, and up to 90% less vibration

Universal Single Stage HSI Integrated Control Kit

  • Replaces over 190 W-R and competitive single stage carbide and nitride HSI applications
  • Can be used on both 80v and 120v ignitor applications
  • Includes HotRod Universal Ignitor

Universal Non-Integrated HSI Ignition Module

  • Replaces over 80 competitive hot surface ignition modules
  • Program keys for multiple timing selections
  • LED indicator for diagnostics

HotRod Universal Ignitor

  • Replaces over 150 ignitors
  • Largest ignition Hot Zone — twice the size of leading competitor's
  • One universal bracket = easy installation

For Cross Reference information on these and other universal solutions, where and when you need it, be sure to download WRMobile on your smart phone.
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